Standing at the bottom of the cliff looking out to sea over the infinity pool, the space is flanked on one side by a 30-foot bar, which also doubles up as a fish tank full of multi-coloured tropical fish. Wooden decking with canvas loungers reaches out into the swimming pool, allowing constant toe-dipping for immediate refreshment, while rustic oak-hewn day-beds and drum-shaped tables are set back from the water's edge for those wishing to find temporary respite from the sun. The open-plan dining room runs around two sides of the area and you can either choose to eat in classical style, reclining by the pool on your bed, or retreat to the shade for more serious feasting. Feel like stumbling across a miraculous oasis: the shimmering pool surrounded by a fluttering encampment of tents and beds all created for the enchanted visitor's maximum comfort and pleasure. You can only nod in awestruck agreement.