PD Premium Delivery

Our solutions and technologies provide deep understanding for your mail and parcel delivery quality and business acumen over future trends. We can create advantages from end-to-end s transparency to improve your delivery service quality, reliability, safety and affordability. We are creating the most innovative, robotics-based parcel delivery solutions to help retail and logistics companies manage their operations effectively. Our solutions is innovative and very easy to implement into any postal IT system. We use cloud-based smart mailbox, so the parcel recipients doesn’t have to wait for their mail or drive somewhere to receive a parcel. A mobile app provides total control of our customers mailbox.Our Digital Mailbox Projects such as ParcelSpaceX can also be adapted for individuals with special needs that may have a mobility hindrance in retrieving their mail. State of the art sensors used to automatically sending a signal through mailbox provide endless possibilities for citizens that may have a mobility hindrance in retrieving their mail . Bad weather, does not hinder the battery and sensors to operate. No matter the mail volume, or the weather our system operates non-stop up to 3 months with one set of batteries.