EFEKT Video Maker by PicsArt

It takes your reality, as seen through your camera lens, and morphs it into something unlike anything you’ve seen before. Try it yourself. Getting to grips with the app’s features is straightforward. Depending on what you want to shoot (slomo, video or photo), select an effect & start shooting, it’s that easy. Each effect has been designed in collaboration with artists so you can get to work making your own original gallery-worthy creations. Shoot live or import your own videos, customize the effects to your hearts delight, export them in glorious FULL HD and share them on instagram, tik-tok, snapchat, youtube... 20 UNIQUE EFFECTS AND COUNTING There's an effect for every style and personality. - Dream: Colorful trippy acid distorted gradient Bubbles: Fun bubbly particles + there's a champagne mode Glass: It kinda looks like glass, Defektive glass ;) Spring: Lots of dots or squares or triangles Rainbow: Our signature effect, because RGB is love Spark: Magical particles, makes you look like a wizard or a welder Flame: Cleanse Your Soul in the Mighty Fire generated by divergence-free 3D noise Interlace: Glitch yourself out of existence Flow: Its like a living painting Wind: A grid of rotating & scaling rectangles, that rotate and scale Dilate: Colors try to out fill each other, watercolor? Shine: Jesus is here Jelly: This one's scary, but there's an RGB mode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Echo: Trail of you & you & you & you Dust: Pixel cloud, which is basically what dust is. /r/showerthoughts Displace: Time warp, tiktok has it, ours is better ^^ Strings: Pull some ... Magic: There are stars and snowflakes and s$#% Blabla: blabla and more to come... 60+ PARAMETERS TO PLAY WITH Customize each effect & add a personal touch to your videos and photos. Every effect has a unique set of parameters which you can tweak as much as you want to create your own unique look. Also every effect can be AUDIO REACTIVE, the "make me music video now" button. Everything works in real-time so you can play with the controls even while you're recording. AUDIO REACTIVITY Tap on the little white circle on the right center of your iphone screen and start speaking, singing, shouting or turn the music on & just lose yourself to dance. Or just import videos with music in it and you got youself a music video. 20+ SHAPES All effects can be masked with shapes, that add a new dimension to you creations. They can be inverted, transform in any way and can easily turn the "not that interesting" to "this is pretty cool". Trust us. 10+ FONTS Type anything you want & mask the effect with text. Be part of the latest #hashtag trend and show them how hip, cool, awesome, fun, edgy, nerdy, artsy or creative you are. Works exactly like shapes. DRAWING TOOL Very helpful if you want to apply the effect only on a specific part of the image. Just draw with your finger and the effect will be applied on your drawing. Buttery smooth. COMBINE You can stack multiple effects on top of each other. Please don't go overboard. HUMAN MODE Make yourself the superstar or hide behind the effect. By enabling the human mode you'll be able to apply effects only on you or people around you or on everything else but people. It's sooo fun. This feature is available only on iphone Xs and later. New effects & features are added every month. Feel free to contact us at nane@dfkt.co Tag your videos on instagram with #madewithdefekt and we might feature it on @dfkt.co and our website How to use: - Shoot with camera or import videos - Hold the camera as still as possible - Adjust effects while recording - Activate the sound and make your videos react to music - Mask the effects with various shapes and text - Draw anything you want and apply effects on your drawing - Apply the effects on people around you (human mode available on iphone Xs and later) - Combine multiple effects - Save or share Privacy Policy : https://picsart.com/privacy-policy Terms of use : https://dfkt.co/terms